Project Description

The Milk Meg – Website

The Brief

Meg Nagle is a certified lactation consultant with a very popular blog and a huge following on Facebook. Previously we had done a bit of work on her website and had redeveloped her logo, and she came to us to do a total redesign of her site and to get it moved over to better hosting. It was challenging in many ways being a very busy site, both in terms of e-commerce and blogging, and so it was important not to have any disruption.

Our Design Approach

Meg’s Graphic logo and bright colour palette were the starting points, along with a mobile heavy focus, as many of her clients (busy young mothers) view the site on mobile. Meg’s blog is widely read, and we went for a customised approach with featured categories to narrow down their reading choices quickly. Her e-commerce activities (books, e-books and webinars, cutely known as boobinars) also play an important role on the site, so there is a lot of interaction with WooCommmerce. We also provided some professional photography for the site, to give it a personal, authentic flavour.

The Results

The Milk Meg is a site that works well on all platforms and serves a large audience daily. It’s bright and graphic and designed fin large part for busy women on mobile devices. In a complex world of form factors, it strikes a good compromise across all platforms and is a solid base for her burgeoning empire.

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