Project Description

InsingC Choir – CD Cover & Banner

The Brief

Kath Williams, whose CD cover we designed a few years back, asked us to photograph and design the cover for her choir’s first album, along with a large printed banner to accompany them on their tours and at their gigs.

Our Design Approach

We did a couple of photo shoots with the choir to get some material to work with, but in the end, we went with a dark theme and used images from only the one shoot. Being largely a vanity project, it was important to get photos of all the participants on the cover, while at the same time keeping a  good design.

The Results

The dark theme and the colour palette of the lighting on the night provided a strong sense of consistency to the design and the mosaic approach allowed for a lot of images and information to be provided on and inside the sleeve. The banner is very large (2m high) and so there was room for a good intro on the group and a large image to catch the eye.. See the finished artwork below.

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