Project Description

Noosa Holistic Health – Website & Photography

The Brief

Byron Hillier, the proprietor of Noosa Holistic Health, approached me to build him a new website for his existing business. Noosa Holistic Health is a thriving alternative therapy centre in Noosaville, with almost 20 practitioners and lots of happy clients. The website, unfortunately, did not do justice to the business and was not responsive or well designed. There was an active, but unorganised blog and the content needed a good update.

The brief was for a platform that could grow into the future to encompass an online store and other development such as online courses into the future. WordPress was an obvious choice for their needs. Byron also needed professional photography to add some personalised, localised images to the site that otherwise would use stock imagery. They had a great logo and were keen to generate new content, so off we went.

Our Design Approach

Our design approach was very collaborative, as Byron had many ideas about what he liked. But structurally we wanted to mimic as much as we could have the old site’s structure to avoid unnecessary redirects, and overhaul and simplify the main menu to make navigation more logical.

There had to be flexibility in the layout of the modality and practitioners’ pages due to varying amounts of content while keeping as much consistency as possible with image locations, a quote or testimonial bar and a booking section at the bottom of the page.

We eschewed the almost traditional “slider” approach for a simple lead section, with hero image, business summary, and call to action. It means the site loads very fast and conveys all the information a slider would.

We also developed a fancy menu for both Team and Modalities, but after some consideration about future growth, it was decided that wouldn’t work after all. It’s good te remember here that a website, like a business, is not a static thing and needs to grow and develop with the business.

An external booking system was linked to the site, as this fell squarely into the category of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’.

The Results

I love the site’s clean look and fast loading, and awesome hero image welcome. The typography was chosen to be stylish and understated, and the site works very well in both iPad and mobile phone view as well as in desktop view.

There were complications with the large number of modalities and practitioners, and this had to be accommodated in the design, but the site is on a great platform and totally ready for expansion whenever the NHH team is ready!

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