Project Description

Studio Level Eleven

The Brief

This was an interesting job. The brief was to take an existing website (one that I had previously made for the business) and revamp it for the new owner. Change of colours, name, logo, settings etc. There was a lot more to it than you might figure. This was to be Stage 1 of the project. Stage two is coming soon, which will be a much deeper analysis of the businesses needs and focus, and
there will likely be deeper structural changes and a more refined redesign.

Our Design Approach

As this was essentially just a rebranding exercise, the design approach was dictated by the logo and existing colours of the business. Essentially, most of the design choices had been already made in the previous build, and at this point the business just wanted to get on their feet as quickly as possible with the website.

Here is  screengrab of the previous site:

The Results

The previous site was one of my favourite ever websites that I had built, so I knew the design would handle a transition pretty well. Overall, I am now very keen to get on to Stage 2 of the build, as the website needs a more focused approach and could benefit from a refresh of some design elements. But all in all, it was an interesting challenge to transform a built website into another brand but essentially the same business, in a short time frame and to a tight budget.

Check the site at