Project Description

Auto Electrics QLD – Website

The Brief

Dan and Joe are a father and son team, running Auto Electrics QLD. They desperately needed a refresh on their website. They wanted someone who could increase their leads as well, with a good SEO strategy. Their business has a broad service offering, so there was broad scope for SEO improvements. They also wanted some professional photos to spruce up the site and a blog section for developing their SEO content.

Our Design Approach

After some different mock ups, we decided to go with a dark theme for this website. It had better impact with their logo and colours and fitted their style. We designed around their services, and tried to keep the text to a minimum, while giving enough detail to answer the most basic of questions and to provide some context and personality to the readers.

It’s a relatively simple site, after some paring back of the old site architecture, but it covers all the areas of service and provides a solid SEO foundation for the site. The photos and the content are designed to give a real ‘down to earth’ feel about the business – you get what you see, and a slick corporate image was not what they were looking for. We even implemented a joke on most pages to lighten the tone, as well as some helpful informational sections.

There was heavy use of their logo colours to provide some graphic cohesiveness to the site, and the images were carefully selected to fit with the written content. 

The Results

I love the site’s graphic look. It suits the nature of the business.

The site also has a structural consistency that will comfort users and allow them to know that they have seen what they are there to see.

The blog section will take some time to fill, but it’s there more for SEO content than anything else, so every article they add is just a bonus.

Check the site at