Project Description

Cloud Dialogs – Website

The Brief

This was an international project, working with a software company in Great Britain. Cloud Dialogs make cloud based software for the building industry and needed a refresh on their website.

The owner, Nick, was wanting a much simpler website, but one with much more graphic impact. The brief was to reduce the site from 40+ pages down to around 15, while unifying the layout and adding high impact design elements to the pages.

I was also asked to add a news, events and blog section to the site.

Our Design Approach

Our design approach was very collaborative, as Nick had already mocked up what he wanted.

He noted how much he’d like my own website (this one) and so I allowed him to reuse some approaches and even a  bit of code, as it suited what they wanted to do.

While it was a relatively simple job in many ways, that was great as it allowed a lot of time to get all the small details right and much time and effort went into the flow of the pages, alternate layouts for responsive mode, and image selection.

Ideas and files were shared via Google Drive and a progress report went back via email once a week. With the News, Events and Blog, it was decided to just use the blog feature for all these, and use filtered blog pages to display the different sections. There was no justification for an event plugin, and the solution worked well, adding another layer of consistency to the navigation.

The Results

I love the site’s graphic look. The site also has a consistency that will comfort users and allow them to know that they have seen what they are there to see.

The site’s blog, news and event features are new and so will take some time to flesh out, but it’s a nice platform for an established company, and Nick was very happy with it, as was I.

Check the site at