Lifetime Website Support

So you can focus on what you’re good at!

Everyone deserves a holiday – except your website!

A website is never finished, nor is it a set and forget asset. It is your 24/7 online presence, and it needs to be treated with the utmost care and respect.

We offer lifetime care for your website at various levels to suit your website and your budget. We can help keeping the site’s software up to date (WordPress core, theme and plugins) as well as keeping a regular backup in the case of trouble.

We can also offer content upgrades, security audits, SEO improvements, site optimisation (for faster loading times) and many other tweaks and improvements.

Our care plans are paid by the month and you are not tied in with contracts (however we will give you a hefty discount if you pay by the year).

Lifetime Website Support

All websites are vulnerable

All modern websites need regular updating. Your website is powered by a range of software that works together and works best when they are all kept updated. This is how security vulnerabilities get patched, and new features implemented (Remember the Mossack Fonseca breach? The hackers exploited a plugin that hadn’t been updated). No website is ultimately safe from being hacked, and so it is incumbent on you to have a system in place to keep your site secure as possible and a plan in case of trouble. That’s where we can help.

Can’t I do it myself?

Yes. It’s a big learning curve to learn how to manage your website effectively, but of course, it can be done. But a bigger question is should you?

Haven’t you got better things to do? A business to run? Do you really want to be fiddling around in the back end, not sure if what you are doing is going to break something, or whether it’s the right way to do things? Technology is constantly evolving, and so if you don’t do this all the time, you won’t keep up. We love WordPress because it’s user-friendly, and tech savvy people might want to take this on themselves, but we just think you probably should be focussing on your core business.

What are the benefits and inclusions of a care plan?

  • Peace of mind that your website software is always up to date.
    WordPress releases regular software updates to keep up with the latest features and security threats. So do your plugins and theme as well. We keep all this up to date to avoid security vulnerabilities and check for any incompatibilities.

  • Secure backups so your site can be restored quickly if anything goes wrong.
    We back up your entire site and ensure there is an offsite copy. This is all part of a holistic approach to ensure your website is safe and you are prepared for restoration in the case of a server failure or attack.

  • Video tutorials so you can get comfortable working with WordPress.
    We provide a range of excellent video tutorials so you can find your own way around the back end of WordPress, so you can understand the system, and are capable of making changes and additions on your own. We also provide email support whenever needed.

  • Security monitoring to keep any nasty intruders out.
    Sites of all sizes are facing attacks from hackers and viruses. We use security monitoring to block unauthorized access to your site. We also encourage our clients to upgrade to an SSL site as soon as possible.

  • Reporting so you can rest assured it’s under control.
    Our website maintenance clients receive reports so they can see what we have been updating and maintaining. We provide you with the confidence that all of the behind-the-scenes work is current and accurate.

  • Down-time monitoring to make sure your site is available for your customers.
    We want to make sure your site is always ready for visitors. We keep an eye on your site night and day to keep things running smoothly.

  • Regular cleaning of your website database to keep it running fast and smooth.
    We keep things neat and tidy in your website database to show the best version of your website to your customers. Cleaning out old revisions and database optimisation keep your site in top shape and loading quickly.

Why leave website maintenance to the professionals?

The main reason to let Photografica Creative handle your website maintenance is to free up your time and mental energy so you can focus on your core business. Your website should be working for you and helping you further your business brand, not sucking time from your day every time a plug-in needs to be updated. We have been creating and supporting WordPress sites since 2007 and know the best practices to keep your site functioning at its best.

Ready to stop worrying about the maintenance on your site?

Great! We would love to keep your site running like a dream. Contact us to schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation to see which WordPress Care Level best fits your needs.

Website Care Plans


  • or $825 yearly (1 month free)
  • All WordPress Core Updates
  • All Plugin Updates
  • All Theme Updates
  • Monthly Offsite Backup
  • Monthly Database Cleaning & Optimisation
  • Discounted Technical Support / Content Updates

Professional (Our most popular)

  • or $1210 yearly (1 month free)
  • All WordPress Core Updates
  • All Plugin Updates
  • All Theme Updates
  • Daily Offsite Backup
  • Weekly Database Cleaning & Optimisation
  • Up to 60 minutes support time monthly*
  • Uptime & Security Monitoring
  • Free Hosting Support


  • or $2200 yearly (1 month free)
  • All WordPress Core Updates
  • All Plugin Updates
  • All Theme Updates
  • Daily Offsite Backup
  • Weekly Database Cleaning & Optimisation
  • Up to 120 minutes support time monthly*
  • Uptime & Security Monitoring
  • Monthly Maintenance Reports
  • Hosting Included
  • Website Performance Optimisation
  • One hour quarterly strategy session via phone or Skype
  • Reduced rate for further development work ($60 p.h)

Hosting Plans (for maintenance clients only)

Basic Burrow

$995monthly / paid yearly
  • $119.40 yearly
  • One site
  • 5 GB Web Space
  • 5GB Bandwidth
  • Monthly backup (not offsite)
  • Personalised Support
  • Free SSL Certificate (via Let’s Encrypt)
  • Free Transfer

Designer Burrow

$1495monthly / paid yearly
  • $179.40 yearly
  • Multiple Sites
  • 15 GB Web Space
  • 15GB Bandwidth
  • Monthly backup (offsite)
  • Personalised Support
  • Free SSL Certificate (via Let’s Encrypt)
  • Free Transfer

Luxury burrow

2995monthly / paid yearly
  • $359.40 yearly
  • Multiple Sites
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Customised backup (offsite)
  • Priority Personalised Support
  • Free SSL Certificate (via Let’s Encrypt)
  • Free Transfer
  • Free Cloudflare CDN

Please note: I only take on Maintenance and/or Hosting Clients after a discussion of your needs, and an audit of your website and hosting. Please contact me for further information.

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