Project Description

Sushi Wave – Menus

The Brief

We have been working with Sushi Wave for several years now. We do the food photography for their shop and menus, we manage and maintain their website that we built, help out with their social media, and provide graphic design for their signs and menus etc.

This time, it was the annual menu update. Both for print and large laminated menus for the shop. The brief was for more of the same, in other words, they were very happy with last year’s efforts, but as always we wanted to do a slight redesign to ensure it was an improvement on the previous one.

Our Design Approach

As part of this, we photographed some new dishes, and then went throughout the menu with price updates and layout changes. Some subtle tweaks were introduced while keeping the style and consistency of layout and typography that we have established.

Once the printed menu was completed, we had to do a large (A3) double sided laminated shop menu with lots of photos on it. This one was the most fun, and gets daily use at the shop. The great feedback is that they haven’t found a single typo this year. (and with menus, it’s easy for one to slip through)

The Results

We love working for Sushi Wave. We get to shoot (and taste test) some amazing food, and we always enjoy the layout challenges and the attention to detail the owner Kaz, brings to his business. We love working with other passionate people!

See the menus below and check out their website at 

Sushi Wave Menu Front
Sushi Wave Menu Inside

Print Menu

Sushi Wave Laminate Menu
Sushi Wave Laminate Menu

A3 Laminated Menu