Project Description

Sunshine Beach State High School – Photography

The Brief

This was a quick job for the leader team at my daughter’s high school, Sunshine Beach State high School. The brief was for some professional photos they could use in their school newsletters and website, and a group shot of the leadership team.

Our Approach

I used studio lighting on location to give that studio look. It was very challenging both with time constraints and location to set up a backdrop, so I  improvised and used a small section of white wall in an office. The group shots was even harder, with a lot of reflections and a very cramped space to work in. Bouncing the light helped the reflections, and I shot the group photo from the adjacent main admin office through the counter area.

The Results

They are not going to be on the front cover of Business Weekly, but they are well lit and professional shots that are way better than the lousy iPhone photos they were using. Clients are often surprised how affordable a quick professional headshot session can be. Whether it’s for your website or social media or newslsetter, a session under lights gives a great result at an affordable price.