Project Description

Dr Donna Eshuys Logo & Website

The Brief

Dr Donna Eshuys is a successful clinical psychologist on the Sunshine Coast. She approached us to update her site and to “bring it into this decade”. I had made the original site for Dr Donna, hand coded in HTML / CSS, about 9 years earlier, so it was  a very reasonable request :).

As part of the redesign, she wanted a new logo as well, one that had a modern feeling.

The site is primarily an information site, with lots of services and contact details, but no direct interaction. She is too busy to blog, but just wanted a fresh and up to date site that would answer a lot fo the questions her clients have.

Our Design Approach

We started with the colours and the logo. Blues were chosen for their communication of professionalism and integrity. A splash of orange to complement was added to the logo as well, to split the head up into three areas to represent the different parts of the brain. As Donna didn’t want any personal photos of her premises on the site, a collection of stock images were sourced to convey the required messages around the various services she offers.

As always a lot of time was spent working out a good information structure for her content (sitemap). In this case, there was a lot of information to be sorted, and the site ended up with individual service pages as well as an FAQ section and a Resources section. The typography was chosen to be stylish and easy to read, and quotes were peppered throughout the site as well, both to serve as a layout element and to get potential clients to start thinking in the right direction.

The Results

The site was designed for a single purpose, and to that end works well. It’s an information resource for potential clients and outlines the services offered in a structured, orderly and attractive way. It’s fresh and modern and is set up to be easily added to as information changes.
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