Project Description

The Brief

Bev came to me needing a new website to re-launch her business. She previously had a website that was put together quickly by one of her friends, but it was nonresponsive and difficult to use. She wanted it to be easy enough for her to edit and update and budgets were tight, and she also wanted to learn to do it herself. A blog and an e-commerce store were two necessary components. She also wanted a new logo for her business, that reflected the vitality her business can help people with.

Our Design Approach

WordPress was a no-brainer. It would be the perfect vehicle for her to learn how to manage and develop the site herself.

Design wise, we started with the logo and created a colourful and vital, modern logo that reflected her business and personality. This then informed the colour palette of the website.

A lot of time went into sourcing the right images for the site, and introducing a standardised page template that could be re-used for new pages later on.

The Results

It’s a stylish and functional website, with the recipe category pages being automatically populated from blog posts. The shop was, at launch, sparsely populated with products, and the blog was equally sparse on posts. But the basis for ongoing new content was there. The site was cohesive and well populated with appropriate images and well laid out information.

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