Project Description

Heavenly Blooms Website

The Brief

Nat came to me needing a website for her business. She had a fair bit of word of mouth trade and was busy, but didn’t have anywhere to showcase her work for her clients or to provide information. She was spending a lot of time explaining her processes, prices, and options and needed a beautiful visual experience to match her product.

Our Design Approach

Nat had very specific visual and layout ideas for her website and wanted it to be ultra clean and sparse in keeping with the dominant style of her competitors. It was a collaboration to get it to look exactly as she wanted it. But WordPress being what it is, I was able to configure and design exactly the site she had imagined. We started with designing a structure that would allow extensibility. She wanted to be able to easily add new wedding images in an easy way, to keep the site content fresh. Likewise with the home page, where we used a large image slider to highlight her hero shots. In the back end, it was mostly a reductive process, taking elements away and stripping it back down to a very bare and simple site. The addition of a custom font then really personalised her brand in keeping with her logo.

The Results

It’s a very sparse and clean site, with minimal elements, giving room for the flowers to come forward. There was a lot of work in the galleries, but I devised a good system that will minimise the time taken for updating them, saving Nat time and money.

I was very happy to see this site being showcased on a  website highlighting 25 of the best designs for the Avada theme.

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