What Web Platforms Will Grow Most In The Years Ahead?

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What Web Platforms Will Grow Most In The Years Ahead? Starting a successful website from scratch is almost always harder than it seems. While there are now a lot of platforms designed to help with the actual design process (even if you can’t code at all), nailing down a concept that will attract visitors and/or generate revenue is difficult. It requires regular management, savvy financial strategies, engaging content and, most of all, a good idea. Now, if we could predict the next wave of popular websites and then build them to perfection, we’d be doing quite well. Again, this is all easier said than done. But sometimes it pays to look ahead and speculate as to what types of web platforms we’ll need more of in the coming years, in the hopes it might just spark a unique idea. Apart from the continued growth of the WordPress platform, these are [...]

Resizing images for the web

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Updated: 16 Feb, 2018 The topic of resizing images for the web is a relatively simple, yet ridiculously complex one, at the same time. And it's also one where there is an awful lot of misinformation floating around, even from professionals. But a lot of people have a need for basic foundational skills when it comes to understanding and resizing digital images for various purposes. Hence this post... Huge caveat here: My primary field of knowledge is in photography. I have been fiddling with cameras my whole life, and have taught photography and digital imaging at local colleges and independently for the last ten years (visit iTeachphotographers for more on that), and I feel like I have a  reasonably authoritative voice on the topic. I also design, host and maintain WordPress websites. While I can read and write HMTL and CSS, I am more a designer than a coder, and I [...]

How do I get a website?

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Photografica - Web design Sunshine Coast The Internet is a great tool for communication, freedom of speech and democracy (as well as commerce and entertainment of course). On the Internet, everyone is equal (at least in theory) and everyone can have a voice! Getting heard is another issue, but for now, let’s look at how we get our own little patch of turf on the net. What’s involved in having a website? There are three main elements in getting a web site up and running. Let's take them one by one. Domain Name Registration The first is a domain name. An example of a domain name would be mywebsite.com. The first step then, towards a website, is registering a domain name. Fortunately this is very easy. There are many Licensed Registrars that sell domain names. Hosting companies often give away free domain names when you purchase a hosting package. And [...]

Workflow / Workslow?

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Let’s face it – digital photography is a whole new world when it comes to workflow. Analogue was a simple affair in some ways. Of course, the bar was also a lot higher in some areas. You actually had to get it right “in camera” a skill that many photographers today seem either not capable of, or perhaps maybe more accurately, they are simply beguiled by the instant nature of digital and the power of Photoshop and just don’t see the need to nail it in camera. I understand the lure. Adobe spends millions of dollars on marketing to persuade us to upgrade every other year (either on one of its workflow methods – Photoshop / Bridge / Camera Raw or its Parametric Image Editing cousin, Lightroom). Their widespread adoption and success is subconsciously giving us the message that the image is no longer good enough without [...]


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Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. I have been playing with my new iPhone all weekend, and digging around on the net for useful apps and the like. During my travels I came across this very useful little slide show app, not necessarily for the iPhone, but it's getting to the point where automated galleries for web sites and blogs are the only way to go. I'm sure if I researched this area some more, I'd find a wealth of this sort of app out there. Sure beats building a gallery by yourself.

DAM goes mainstream

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Digital Asset Management is going mainstream. And most people don't even realise it. With the development of Lightroom to version 3 (currently in beta) and the recent release of Aperture 3, sophisticated stand-alone DAM tools are reaching photographers everywhere. They may not be perfect at all aspects of DAM, or suitable for every scenario (multiple users in a studio setting or those that need multiple catalogues etc), but for the single user they are a very good one stop shop option. They are both catalog applications and parametric image editors. In other words, they process the images and keep a catalog over the entire collection. And now that Aperture 3 allows you to export your image settings back into the DNG file,  it's a cross platform and OS solution (who really wants to be locked into both OS and application forever - come on, that's just not cricket!) Microsoft seems [...]

Windows 7 launch party?

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I have to admit, when I first saw the Microsoft Windows 7 party video, I thought someone had slipped some acid into my mineral water. It blows me away that the corporate machine that is Microsoft could possibly think that the video was anything other than cringeworthy. Like, could you get any more un-cool? Weird.... just really, really weird. If you haven't seen it, here is is below. But then I found this video, which sort of 'restores balance to the force' somewhat. A bit of fun, and much more human. I don't encourage pirating Operating Systems at all - I actually think Windows is a great bit of software and I'm happy to pay for it, but Microsoft's problem is with their marketing more than their product. Anyway, enjoy the parody. It's a good laugh. Hosting Your Windows 7 Torrenting Party - watch more funny videos


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My other blog, my photoblog, runs on Pixelpost v 1.7. I've been using Pixelpost for nearly two years now, but have only recently upgraded to the newest version. As far as photoblogging applications go, I think it's the best one out there (certainly the best one I've found.) It's free, there are a lot of templates to change the design, and there's a great community of users. But that's not to say I don't have issues with it. I do. I simply don't understand why it has to be so difficult. The answer to that may simply be 'because it's free', and if so, then fine. But maybe that's not the entire answer... I have been dabbling in web design for a few years now, and while I'm not a born coder (never will be) I can write html and have a decent understanding of css. I've even managed to [...]

Windows Vista and the need for patience

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Vista has not had good press since its release. And I can see why. Despite the eye candy Aero interface, it’s what’s under the bonnet that counts, and a lot of reviews certainly point to deficiencies in Vista when compared to its immediate predecessor, XP. I ran XP Professional from the start and at least from SP2, it was a really good, stable OS. Maybe it’s worth remembering that. XP had loads of blue screens of death before the first service pack, that’s for sure, and it wasn’t until SP2 that it became a really stable, first class OS. Anyway, I think Vista has lots of improvements in lots of areas, but I also have my pet hates. The almost non stop UAC requests drive me crazy, and I was annoyed at first that some of my older programs wouldn’t run correctly on it. But worst of [...]