What Web Platforms Will Grow Most In The Years Ahead?

Starting a successful website from scratch is almost always harder than it seems. While there are now a lot of platforms designed to help with the actual design process (even if you can’t code at all), nailing down a concept that will attract visitors and/or generate revenue is difficult. It requires regular management, savvy financial strategies, engaging content and, most of all, a good idea.

Now, if we could predict the next wave of popular websites and then build them to perfection, we’d be doing quite well. Again, this is all easier said than done. But sometimes it pays to look ahead and speculate as to what types of web platforms we’ll need more of in the coming years, in the hopes it might just spark a unique idea. Apart from the continued growth of the WordPress platform, these are some of the things we’re anticipating.

Augmented Reality Reviews

As you likely know if you have any interest in tech, there’s no shortage of tech review sites online and many of them are trusted and frequented by very large audiences. However, there hasn’t been much of a corner carved out for augmented reality commentary just yet (though VR has produced some sites). You’ll find some reviews for specific AR apps at platforms devoted to iOS and Android devices, but as the AR category expands in mobile stores we should probably all count on a number of resources emerging to help people sift through the material.

U.S. Sports Betting Speculation

Betting speculation is already big business online. There are sports and gaming sites that make references to odds, and there are of course platforms where people can already place bets. But the U.S. sports betting market may be about to explode, which means a need for more coverage. Led by a push from the NBA, U.S. sports gambling could be legal in the next few years, and as soon as it arrives it’s going to be a big deal. We’ll see a lot of sites devoted to the activity and a new type of coverage of American sports leagues and contests.

Social Platforms

This might fall more into the app category, but it’s a given that social media platforms aren’t going anywhere. While it may seem as if Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat provide all we need in this category, there was a time when we didn’t see any of them coming. There’s always an opening for new and innovative social media platforms.

Verified News

As you’re likely aware, “fake news” has become a major problem in modern society. Because news is accessible at the touch of a screen and we often hear things from friends or even strangers rather than primary sources, false stories can spread like wildfire. Already there’s talk of how to avoid fake news, and we’re only at the beginning of this issue’s timeline. Sites that either provide verified news or direct readers to it will be very valuable. For that matter even something like a more easily verified Wikipedia could emerge.

Streaming Reviews

It’s somewhat surprising that these haven’t already become popular. While it’s easy to find a review of most any film or television program out there, we have yet to see a real emergence of streaming-specific reviews. For instance, imagine sites dedicated to reviewing all the material added to Netflix in a given month (as opposed to just listing it), or posting episode-by-episode reviews specific to Hulu uploads, etc. Streaming appears to be the way of the future in film and television consumption, and critical commentary has yet to truly adjust.