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I follow quite a few blogs, mostly photographic ones, but a few others as well. One photography blog that I'd really recommend is Zack Aria's blog. Zack is a great photographer, and he runs some very cool workshops, but he's a really good thinker as well. He's deep, sincere and very inspirational. Zack caused quite a stir a few months back with a guest post he made on Scott Kelby's blog. Instead of the usual "I am an expert" type post, Zack posted a really dark, thoughtful video, called Transform (see above). It's a bit heavy going, and asked deep hard questions. But many people also found it highly inspirational. And that wasn't all. The story continued. Weeks later, a guy, called B, emailed Zack's about his experience with the Transform video and being a photographer. He had the guts to tell it like it was, in his case, he [...]


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Magnolia Road, by Tyler E Nixon, of Wink Photoblog. I haven't been keeping much of an eye on the photoblog world lately, as I've been focussed on other things, but I came across this site today, and I recognised it immediately. Ahh, I thought, I remember this site. Bookmark it this time, so it doesn't get away! I spent some time looking through the archives and I have to say I'm so impressed by the work there. Now I look at his about page, and it seems Tyler, the perons in question, is no stranger to acclaim. Take this for example: Awarded “Photoblog of the Year” at the 2007 Photoblog Awards. OK, how on earth have I neglected this site before now? As I said, I obviously haven't been paying attention to the blogosphere lately. In any case, if you are as wayward and unobservant as I have been lately, [...]


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Chromasia is the website of a Blackpool, U.K based photographer by the name of David Nightingale. Really, if you don't know this man and his work, go and check it out. What's most interesting to me about Chromasia, apart from the fabulous photography, is how it has developed. I first ran across the site several years back, in the first year of his blog back in 2003. I quickly became a regular visitor and watched with fascination as David's photography seemed to improve visibly from post to post. At that point in my life I was also becoming more interested in photography again, and thinking about returning to school for more training. Chromasia inspired me in a big way. David was a lecturer in Higher Education (lecturing in psychology at the University of Bolton), and photography was just a hobby. He had just bought a new camera (an EOS 20D) [...]