I follow quite a few blogs, mostly photographic ones, but a few others as well.

One photography blog that I’d really recommend is Zack Aria’s blog. Zack is a great photographer, and he runs some very cool workshops, but he’s a really good thinker as well. He’s deep, sincere and very inspirational.

Zack caused quite a stir a few months back with a guest post he made on Scott Kelby’s blog. Instead of the usual “I am an expert” type post, Zack posted a really dark, thoughtful video, called Transform (see above). It’s a bit heavy going, and asked deep hard questions. But many people also found it highly inspirational.

And that wasn’t all. The story continued. Weeks later, a guy, called B, emailed Zack’s about his experience with the Transform video and being a photographer. He had the guts to tell it like it was, in his case, he found it hard to keep it going and be inspired to be a photographer. It was all just too hard. I think he imagined himself alone with those thoughts. Zack turned this email into a very thoughtful follow up post.

As it turned out, B was anything but alone. The comments on that post went on for ages, and a really fine dialogue was happening. People were speaking of their own fears and inspiring themselves to overcome them. It was heady stuff.

To top it all off, Zack had a visit by a door to door saleman the next day. That guy was so cool, and really knew what he had to do to succeed. Zack was quick enought to realise this, and he videoed the guy for his blog. The words of wisdom that guy spoke were there for all to see.

The whole series of posts, videos, comments and reactions make up quite a story. You should check it out. But be warned – it’s quite a journey. It’ll take at least an hour if you want to give yourself time to read a decent amount of the comments the posts generated.

But yeah, check out Zack Arias. His blog, his folio, his studio, his workshops. Very cool.