I have a beautiful daughter named Scout. And today she turns 12!

I love her to the moon and back! She is just amazing!

She’s so full of  fun, you can see it in her eyes. She is a girl of many faces, but always full of the joy of life.

She has taught me so very much in her 12 short years. She is one of my biggest teachers in life. She lets me know when I upset her, and she lets me know when I have treated her well.

She opens her soul to me and asks me to love her. She humbles me.

She is smart as a whip, and as beautiful as life itself. She has the voice of a songbird, and the wit of a poet.

A bit clumsy she may be, but in all the universe I could never wish for another to be my daughter. I love her with all my heart, even when I don’t manage to love her with all my presence. But she teaches me still.

I am so incredibly thankful for her presence in my life. She has made me a better person, and I want to spend many more years with her, holding her hand. We have so much to share.

I love you Scout, and I want the world to know how incredible you are!

Happy birthday!!!!