The acceleration of almost everything

I remember a book of the same name. I never read it, as I was too busy… (boom boom)

But I’m feeling the sentiment of late. There never seems to be enough time. Everything has to be done in a hurry. Or in my case, there is not enough time allocated (read money) for me to do the things I need to do. Hence the hurry. If I have 26 hours to do a job that takes 40, corners are going to be cut. Or I’m going to be working for free. Unfortunately, it tends to be the second one…

It extends to my kids. They don’t know how to relax. They are bored as soon as they are not being entertained. We work with this all the time, trying to get them to read, to play, to do anything other than tv and computers. Those two we limit, almost ruthlessly. In fact we don’t even have a tv. But of course we have a computer, and entertainment is never far away. The removal of the TV helps, but other things crowd in for space instead. We don’t have gaming consoles either. We do have a PlayStation 2, which is suitably antiquated and we only have a few games, and this if also limited. But still there’s a feeling that we are all living life at a frantic pace, without the time for peace or relaxation.

And as mentioned, it’s not just my kids. I find it hard to slow down myself. I’m in the groove. I’ve been running fast for so long, I am wondering if I would know what to do if I was to go somewhere without internet access and something to research or prepare or administer.

But then I think of books, and a crack opens in my mind. That’s what I’d like to do to slow down. Long walks, good long books (literary novels), music, a good glass of wine, a long chat. All these things are what I crave. But how to pay for the slow life, when I barely get by living the fast life?

I wonder how many feel like me. I’m sure there’s a relatively high percentage of discontent amongst the citizens of modern life. How could there not? But who has figured out the art of slowing down? I read the blogs, the books. I’ve done Ekhardt Tolle. I get it. I really do. But how do I get it? How do I pay for it?

Photography seems like a powerful current, one that will pull me along as long as I let it. It’s fun, it’s creative, it’s awesome, but it’s so… fast. It’s so… computer based. It’s so… digital. I remember when I was 21 and I was thinking of moving to Perth and going to University to study horticulture. I imagine life might have been very different. Not neccesarily better. I’m smarter than that. There is no greener grass in retrospect. Perth is in a drought. But perhaps the signs are there. I need a week off. To unwind. To relax. Take that walk, read that book. Turn that bloody computer …

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