Shared Web Hosting Review – Siteground

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Shared Web Hosting Review - Siteground In my business, I have a lot to do with various hosting companies. Siteground, Host Gator, Host Papa, Blue Host and VentraIP to name a few. Some are great, some OK, and some are atrocious. Today I want to look at my clear favourite, Siteground. If you are not sure how to evaluate hosting, read on. Evaluation Factors Cost Location & Speed Uptime Customer Service Security User Experience Let's have a look at these one at a time. Cost Let's face it - cost is always going to be one of the most important factors with shared hosting. And it's hard to beat Siteground. Their cheapest hosting package, the StartUp, goes for only $3.95 a month!! Anything cheaper would be suspicious... This is an initial signup offer, and the price reverts to the standard $9.95 after your initial period has expired. The good [...]