High Speed Flash

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I started to look into the various possibilities of high speed flash, and what I thought was a relatively simple area of photography quickly expanded and my investigations seemed to find no end. So I thought I should blog my findings here, as I was a bit frustrated about the lack of resources on the subject myself. So what is high speed flash? Well, it's one way to make high speed photography. I make the distinction to separate the effects of shutter speed from the effects of flash. Both can freeze motion. What I'm interested in here is the role flash plays in freezing motion, and looking at the various types of equipment that might be used in high speed flash projects. This post may well be updated along the way, as it's a pretty big topic...  (all of the shots above taken with speedlights at low power - click [...]

Pre-visualisation and pre-production

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With many types of photography (studio and art photography particularly come to mind) the value of pre-visualisation and pre-production is enormous. Many photographers starting out don't spend enough time on the preparation side of a shoot, and it's often in that prep work that the value of a photograph is decided. As a photogrpahy teacher, too many times (way too many times) I have seen students come into the studio with basically no preparation at all. They know what their subject is, and they have their camera with them, but that's as far as it goes. What I'm talking about is at a totally different level. I'm talking about someone coming in to the studio with their props, their lighting plan, their colour scheme worked out, and their shooting tech sorted - like what f stop they'll be shooting at, what lens they will be using, and basically having the [...]