Zack Arias

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I follow quite a few blogs, mostly photographic ones, but a few others as well. One photography blog that I'd really recommend is Zack Aria's blog. Zack is a great photographer, and he runs some very cool workshops, but he's a really good thinker as well. He's deep, sincere and very inspirational. Zack caused quite a stir a few months back with a guest post he made on Scott Kelby's blog. Instead of the usual "I am an expert" type post, Zack posted a really dark, thoughtful video, called Transform (see above). It's a bit heavy going, and asked deep hard questions. But many people also found it highly inspirational. And that wasn't all. The story continued. Weeks later, a guy, called B, emailed Zack's about his experience with the Transform video and being a photographer. He had the guts to tell it like it was, in his case, he [...]