How do I get a website?

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Photografica - Web design Sunshine Coast The Internet is a great tool for communication, freedom of speech and democracy (as well as commerce and entertainment of course). On the Internet, everyone is equal (at least in theory) and everyone can have a voice! Getting heard is another issue, but for now, let’s look at how we get our own little patch of turf on the net. What’s involved in having a website? There are three main elements in getting a web site up and running. Let's take them one by one. Domain Name Registration The first is a domain name. An example of a domain name would be The first step then, towards a website, is registering a domain name. Fortunately this is very easy. There are many Licensed Registrars that sell domain names. Hosting companies often give away free domain names when you purchase a hosting package. And [...]

A strange warning, WordPress 2.5 and K2

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a little strange Hmm. was it all a dream? No, my blog is looking weird, it's not a dream. It all started with a very strange email I got the other day from someone going by the title Anonymous Security Specialist. There was no reply email path, and it looked like spam, but after reading it, it had me unsure. Normally I am very good with spam and that sort of thing, but I couldn't see the payoff in this one. Basically it was an email warning me that my version of Wordpress (then 2.3) was vulnerable to some sort of SQL blind fishing attack and that he could tell my blog was already compromised, and was linking to some very dubious websites etc... I had a look and couldn't see any sign of this but after a look on google and a rational think through, I decided [...]