Canon PowerShot G11

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Less than a year after the release of the flagship PowerShot product, the G10, Canon have announced the successor to the crown, the G11. More than a few changes have been introduced. The G10's 14.7MP sensor has been replaced in the G11 with one that Canon describes as a high sensitivity 10 MP CCD. Interestingly, flash sync speed increases to 1/2000th of a second. This is a great feature, and one that many strobist shooters will be very happy about. I've owned a G3 since its release, and while the current model makes it look old and silly, the line of G series cameras have always been known to be of extremly high quality. It's the one compact camera most likely to be in a professional photographer's bag. This is because of great image quality and RAW format files in a very compact, unobtrusive format. The styling is [...]

the mother of all learning curves

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In the last six months or so, I have been on, baldly stated, one of the steepest learning curves I’ve ever encountered in my life (learning Danish was another that comes to mind). But this one is all about photography. Six months ago, I was at a crossroads. I had my Diploma of Photography under my belt and I was trying to start a business. Ignorance is bliss right… Anyway, I got on to a program called NEIS, where the government help you out starting up a business with a little regular cashflow assistance. It’s a great idea. But my business plan was falling apart. I was trying to do web design, and two types of photography. I was all over the place. It wasn’t working. I was ready to call it quits and become a shoe salesman. […]

The Strobist Explosion

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David Hobby – founder of the Strobist blog – has singlehandedly created a monster. That monster is called off camera lighting, and in the realm of digital photography is one of the hottest topics around. A few years ago, you could pick up a used SB-26 or SB-28 on ebay for less than a hundred bucks. And no one wanted them. What would we do with them? A few years ago, any photographer keen to use more lighting in their work lusted after a set of Alien Bees, or Elinchron or Bowens (insert your preferred product name here) and a studio in which to create their magic. The problem with this approach is twofold. One, studio’s don’t move, so you have to bring everything to them. Secondly they, and the gear that goes in them, are expensive. Very expensive. David Hobby’s background [...]