The Ruddster

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If you haven't seen him on your television yet, you ain't watching. The Ruddster, a.ka. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has been on a whirlwind world tour, meeting every leader that will shake his hand. This is his first major overseas trip as Prime Minister, and he has a lot of re-positioning to do after a decade of John Howard's brand of global engagement. Labor has only been in power in Australia for just over 100 days or so, so it's still very early days yet, but the signs are good. The Liberals are reduced to complaining about everything they can, and looking the fools for it. The most ridiculous one this week was them complaining about the salute to George Bush, which earned The Ruddster a rebuke from the Libs from not being prime ministerial enough. Get real guys. You really will have to do a little better... He's looking [...]

Australian Politics

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Some people claim ignorance when it comes to politics. Mostly I think it's self chosen. They don't want to know. It's all too difficult. Or is it that they don't know themselevs and what they believe in. After all, everyone has political beliefs. It's impossible not to. Politics is how you feel about social justice, freedom of the press, national security, economic structures. Sure we mightn't all have a really deep understanding of these complicated subjects, but we will have an idea where we stand on many of the issues if we just took our time to think about it. Take Australia right now. A federal election is due to be called at any minute. We have had a conservative government in power for over a decade. We are experiencing an economic book, based on the resources sector, and unemployment is at an all time low. Sounds good doesn't it. [...]

The Political Compass

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This is a great idea. The standard one dimensional idea of the left to right political spectrum is hopelessly inadequate. The Political compass sets values across two scales, one social and one economic. This presents a much more accurate idea of where an individual stands politically. I do this quiz fairly regularly, and depending on my mood I move a little to the left or right or up and down. But essentially I am where I am, which is firmly ensconced with the libertarian left. I won't say exactly where, cause some of you mightn't want to talk to me anymore :), but I'm happy with it, as it's a looong way from John Howard. Do yourself a favour and take the test. The site also has other amusements such as a plot of where classical composers were on the scales, and where the various EU governments stand. Well worth [...]