PMA Australia 2008

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As I write, there are no doubt a lot of people getting drunk. It’s Sunday night, and the PMA Australia 2008, held in Brisbane, is finally over. I was only there for two of the four days, and I didn’t even go to a single paid conference event. I was there in a role as a professional photographer come consumer, and as such I was there to suss out future directions, trends, and all the latest gear. It’s a highly personalised experience going to such an event, due to the incredibly diverse nature and levels of professional photography. I hang around the lower levels as it is, but that doesn’t make my perspective any less interesting. Here’s what I thought were some of the interesting bits.. (I’d be here for days to discuss it all) Adobe – They placed nearly ALL of their focus on Lightroom 2 [...]

PMA Australia 2007

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I wish I was going... It's in Melbourne next weekend. If you've never heard of it, PMA Australia 2007 is a huge imaging technology expo, and being held in conjunction with it this year are the AIPP national awards. I have entered a few prints and hopefully I will be able to repeat my state level success, where I got a Silver for one of my entries. I must admit to being a bit of a nerd. I could go out tomorrow and spend $50,000 on consumer electronic items. Hell, I could spend $50,000 on camera equipment alone. Even without that sort of money in my wallet though, I love checking out the latest technology. The advances in cameras and printers seem to be rocketing along as fast as the advances in computer equipment. You buy it one day, and it's obsolete the next. There's a side of me that [...]