After the shutter has fired, then what?

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As we all know the advent of digital photography has changed photography enormously. Not only has it fundamentally changed the way photography businesses operate, and how professionals are perceived, it has changed our whole relationship with photography. And by ‘our’ I mean everyone’s. What once was a very simple relationship, both in nature and in volume, and which might have been called ‘me and my photo album’ is now a complex web of relationships with a vast array of both print and digital media. Through this over saturation of imagery, we have become sophisticated consumers of visual communications, and we consume imagery voraciously on a daily basis, but still the vast majority of people don’t look past the surface impression and still don’t have a good understanding of what makes a professional photographer a professional, and an amateur just that. It is clear, that in many ways [...]

Photography and God

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Personally I can't think of one good reason to put photography and God together in the same sentence, and so in the course of this post I'm going to explain why. There are no doubt, more than a few famous photographers (one in particular comes to mind - the Australian landscape photographer, Ken Duncan) who feel that the two go hand in hand so much that God is almost the reason they are photographers, but for other, more ... I'd say rational people, beauty is a much better word to connect to their reason to photograph the world. Why God has to come into it, I have no idea. Ken Duncan has even gone to the length of producing a book devotional images, so we know exactly where he stands, but connecting photography and God is in my view, very problematic. I suppose I had better explain where I [...]