DAM goes mainstream

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Digital Asset Management is going mainstream. And most people don't even realise it. With the development of Lightroom to version 3 (currently in beta) and the recent release of Aperture 3, sophisticated stand-alone DAM tools are reaching photographers everywhere. They may not be perfect at all aspects of DAM, or suitable for every scenario (multiple users in a studio setting or those that need multiple catalogues etc), but for the single user they are a very good one stop shop option. They are both catalog applications and parametric image editors. In other words, they process the images and keep a catalog over the entire collection. And now that Aperture 3 allows you to export your image settings back into the DNG file,  it's a cross platform and OS solution (who really wants to be locked into both OS and application forever - come on, that's just not cricket!) Microsoft seems [...]

Why Scott Kelby doesn’t know a DAM thing

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In a way I suppose it's partly jealousy. After all, Scott Kelby is the author of many international bestsellers, all of which focus on the art and craft of photography. I could be so lucky. Or clever. But I do have other, more valid reasons to think less of Scott's latest book. And it's this: he has SUCH influence and he's peddling rubbish. With influence comes responsibility! I'm trying to plough through his latest book on Lightroom, the incredibly long-winded "the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 book for digital photographers". Now while I'm no expert on Lightroom, I do know a fair bit about digital asset management, and over the course of the last 4 years or so, my views on the subject have been largely informed by the world's leading expert on the subject, Peter Krogh. Digital Asset Management is a broad subject that covers the management of images from [...]

PMA Australia 2008

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As I write, there are no doubt a lot of people getting drunk. It’s Sunday night, and the PMA Australia 2008, held in Brisbane, is finally over. I was only there for two of the four days, and I didn’t even go to a single paid conference event. I was there in a role as a professional photographer come consumer, and as such I was there to suss out future directions, trends, and all the latest gear. It’s a highly personalised experience going to such an event, due to the incredibly diverse nature and levels of professional photography. I hang around the lower levels as it is, but that doesn’t make my perspective any less interesting. Here’s what I thought were some of the interesting bits.. (I’d be here for days to discuss it all) Adobe – They placed nearly ALL of their focus on Lightroom 2 [...]