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Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR. I have been playing with my new iPhone all weekend, and digging around on the net for useful apps and the like. During my travels I came across this very useful little slide show app, not necessarily for the iPhone, but it's getting to the point where automated galleries for web sites and blogs are the only way to go. I'm sure if I researched this area some more, I'd find a wealth of this sort of app out there. Sure beats building a gallery by yourself.

The aptly named Flickr

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I sniffed around the edges of Flickr for several years. At first I didn't really get how it operated, then I didn't feel I had a need for it, and I found it overly large (and that was several years ago). Maybe it was a small thing like the design as well. There are so many sites, and for some reason Flickr just didn't appeal to me. Then a friend recently commented to me that they had put a lot of their pictures up and was getting good feedback. This intrigued me a little, as community and interaction are always two things I chase on the net. Information I look for when I need it - it's there already in absolutely overwhelming amounts. But a good community of people interested in photography on a deep level is somewhat harder to find. So I tried it out. By that I mean [...]