Flash based gallery production tools

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I was going to write a small post on a new free Flash based tool from Airtight Interactive called PostcardViewer. But once I got started I thought it'd be better to expand it to review a range of Flash based tools designed for exhibiting photography on the Internet. Of course there are many more options than just Flash based ones. There's nothing wrong with a good old html gallery, or a html one jazzed up a little by some JavaScript. The trouble with these however, is that there are not very many good gallery production tools for making html galleries. Many might disagree, and sure Photoshop can whip up a gallery in no time, but they are not the most attractive and customising them is not easy for the amateur. I'm not a fan of the overuse of Flash that we saw through the nineties. It was a case of [...]

Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras

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I'd forgotten about this. I downloaded it last year, meaning to read it, but never got to it, and then forgot. But if you have a Canon digital camera and a flash unit, then this article is definitely for you. I'd imagine it would have to be the most comprehensive guide to Flash photography with Canon EOS cameras ever written. Check it out here: Flash Photography with Canon EOS Cameras - Part I. Note, this is only Part 1!!!! Part II is there as well. [tags]flash, Canon EOS, flash photography, flash guide[/tags]