Erwin Olaf’s Grief

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One of my absolute favourite modern photographers is the Dutchman Erwin Olaf. His eye for composition is truly outstanding, and the subtlety and delicacy of his work is breathtaking. OK, some of his stuff is not at all subtle - some of his "gay" work is right in your face and very confronting (and brilliant nonetheless). But some of his series have a very quiet maturity to them, and a subtlety that I think in uncommon in modern photography. Particularly the series Rain, Hope and now Grief. Go to his web site and check out "Grief" and the "Grief Portraits". If you haven't seen his work before, check it all out. But Grief is truly inspirational work. It's possible I'm very sensitive to this theme as my older brother went missing over a decade ago, and I have dealt with this topic at first hand, but I think it's an [...]

Erwin Olaf

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If you don't know this photographer, go and have a look at his web site. Erwin Olaf is a Dutch photographer & film maker, who produces brilliant, top-end advertising work for his living, and does equally spectacular art photography as his personal work. I went to one of his touring exhibitions last year entitled Elegance and Perversity, and this man and his work just boggled my mind. Never before have I seen the technical, conceptual and aesthetic triumvirate come together in such a sophisticated, modern and challenging way. Admittedly, the man's work is not for everyone. But that said, he has two types of personal work and the more restrained and subtle side of his work, as exemplified by the series Hope for example, is most assuredly open to most who are lovers of fine art photography, no matter what their social or sexual attitudes. But there is also a [...]