Canon EOS Digital Photo Guidebook for Professionals

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Just to show I'm not anti Canon (ha ha, that sounds like a space weapon doesn't it), I ran across this publication on the net and it looks really good. It's a largish pdf (7.6MB), aimed at the professional digital EOS shooter. That's a pretty big target market, and I'm sure a lot of keen amateurs would be interested too. Everyone can benefit from a little revision now and then. You can find it here: Canon EOS Digital Photo Guidebook for Professionals (sorry, it seems to have disappeared). It's 96 pages and covers a great number of topics through colour management, shooting and processing. A great little free guide from Canon. [tags]Canon, EOS, digital photography, guidebook[/tags]

Canon and Error 99

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If I was an investigative journalist (as opposed to just being a curious writer) I would go deeper into this story. Search google for the term "Error 99" and you get about 41,000 hits (update in May 2011 - now 140,000 hits, and again in Jan 2013, now 546,000 hits. It seems the problems continue). The top ranking page is Richard's Notes, which is a blog containing a vast archive of photography related articles. Richard's Error 99 page was my starting point when a few months ago I suddenly started getting Error 99's on my EOS 20D. It was exclusively with my 17-85 EF-S lens, and only within the zoom range of 17 to about 40mm. I read Richard's page over a number of days (scroll and you'll see why it took days) and discovered that the issue was both wide ranging and attributable to a vast possible number of [...]