Canon EOS Digital Photo Guidebook for Professionals

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Just to show I'm not anti Canon (ha ha, that sounds like a space weapon doesn't it), I ran across this publication on the net and it looks really good. It's a largish pdf (7.6MB), aimed at the professional digital EOS shooter. That's a pretty big target market, and I'm sure a lot of keen amateurs would be interested too. Everyone can benefit from a little revision now and then. You can find it here: Canon EOS Digital Photo Guidebook for Professionals (sorry, it seems to have disappeared). It's 96 pages and covers a great number of topics through colour management, shooting and processing. A great little free guide from Canon. [tags]Canon, EOS, digital photography, guidebook[/tags]

Giving away great images

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There is a very unfortunate trend it seems with photography competitions worldwide. On the surface these competitions look great. They offer the people who enter chance to win an excellent prize (like a Canon EOS 30D or 5D plus lens). It all seems above board and fair enough, and the winner would no doubt see it as good value to get a camera in return for a photograph. But you have to look at the bigger picture. It's all about the value of a photograph. To an amateur, no matter how good the shot, it's just eye candy. They can't sell it (or don't know otherwise) but they do want to be recognized as being good photographers. Competitions give them that opportunity. And with the amazing uptake of [tag]digital photography[/tag] in the last decade or so, there are a lot of snappers around. Chances are some of them are going [...]