Denmark vs Australia again again…

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Coming to Denmark is never a holiday for me. Rather, it's an experience best described as an existential crisis. You might think there's more than a little bit of exaggeration there, but to tell the truth, I'm deadly serious. The decision we made nearly 10 years ago to leave Denmark, where I had then lived for nearly six years, to return to Australia to live, was a decision that has never sat completely comfortably for either my wife or myself. That's not to say a decision to return to Denmark was ever on the cards either. Reality settled somewhere in between, with neither option entirely satisfying and the winner being the status quo. That's why it's so hard to come back. All the doubts return in glorious technicolour. All the things we miss are magnified a thousandfold, and even if the weather is crap at the time (which it often [...]

The Great Danes

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Copenhagen is a fabulous city. I sometimes can't remember why I ever left the place. Particularly in summer. In winter though, it comes back to me all too quickly. :) But now it's spring. Late spring. The sun is warm, and high and bright in the sky (when it's not raining that is), and the trees are all proudly wearing a thick coat of brilliantly green leaves. The Danes themselves are out in their thousands, soaking up the sun wherever they can find it. I went out for a few hours today around Frederiksberg Park, and I have to say how stunned I am about the Danes as a people. They are just so beautiful. Women, men and children alike. The general homogenity of the nation strengthens their look I suppose, but they are a very handsome race, that's for sure. And my God, talk about stylish. They probably go [...]

Denmark, death and hackers

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There was a death in my wife's family, and we had to suddenly return to Denmark. Pernille's beloved grandfather, Karl, died last week at the age of 90, and one of his dying wishes was that we all returned for the funeral. There are not many people I would travel halfway around the world for in circumstances such as these, but he was definately one of them. The world is a lesser place with his passing. Despite the circumstances though, it's always nice to return to DK. So greetings from lovely Copenhagen. Unfortunately when I arrived the other day, I found out that someone had hacked into my server and so the last few posts I had written were deleted as the server was restored from a previous day. Bloody hackers. I will never understand their motivation. Anyway, I won't be blogging much in the next few weeks as my [...]