what is important?

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I saw this photo on the web tonight (click for a larger version), and it arrested my thoughts immediately. I have had a really shitty day, but when I looked at this image of the Sombrero Galaxy, 28 million light years away (1 light year is roughly 10 trillion kilometres and we are talking 28 million here), all my trivialities vanished for one tiny little moment. Then of course ego reasserted its authority and got its grubby little hold back on me . But for that split second... Wow. For what it's worth, I am an atheist. I don't believe at all in any sort of God, particularly the organised religious type, with long robes and a wicked sense of vengeance. Yahweh, Allah, God, they all seem to me to be unoriginal caricatures of the worst kind. (at least the Hindus have a great sense of creativity with Ganesh and [...]

Carl Sagan

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The Pale Blue Dot (click the small play button at bottom left to watch the video here, or click the large one in the middle to go to the youtube site) Carl Sagan was an amazing astronomer who also happened to be a gifted story teller. His passion and eloquence about the universe led him to writing about 20 books, including 'his most well known, 'Cosmos'. This book became an incredible 13 part TV series, which was aired in Australia in the early 80s, and for me was a great revelation. It informed my burgeoning atheism, and gave me a sense of wonder of the universe and a humble sense of perspective from which I have not recovered :) There is now a 7 DVD set of Cosmos available (check out eBay or Amazon, or the ABC shop if you want region 4). This series is a must for anyone [...]