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Experience counts. Avada is the #1 Best Selling Theme of All Time on Themeforest.net, and over a quarter of a million customers stand as a testament to its quality and design options. Avada offers an enormous number of design choices, and it is constantly updated and improved. We use Avada constantly, and we keep up with what’s happening on the development front.

Good Relationships. We have a close relationship with the developer, and we also personally administer the largest Avada community on the planet; the Avada User’s Group on Facebook. With over 17,000 members, we are constantly helping others with their issues, and we are constantly learning how to do new or improved things in Avada.

We don’t just talk the talk. This site, along with almost all of our sites in our portfolio, is built on Avada. Like choosing to only develop on WordPress, we see the logic in picking the best theme on the market and staying with it, learning its intricacies, and becoming experts in it. All members of our team are totally across Avada and use it daily.

Great Support & Functionality for you too. They have built the Avada brand on quality and support. Theme Fusion only have one theme, unlike many theme authors who spread their time and attention across many themes. Avada is the only theme you will ever need, no matter the type of site you intend to build. And if you are intending to add your own content, it would be hard to find a better page builder than the included Fusion Builder page builder, or better support options.

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We partner with several businesses around the world to provide the best services and support we can.

Siteground is our main hosting partner. With data centres on three continents, and world class 24 /7 support, you can’t go wrong.

ThemeFusion is the parent company behind Avada. We work closely with the team from Theme Fusion so we are on top of Avada and its ongoing development.

Whelk is an Avada based Design Agency, based in Canada. We work in conjunction with them for some international projects and French language based websites.

Avada Web Design

Some of the official Theme Fusion Demos. Look how versatile Avada is.

Some of our Avada Sites

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”
–Ralf Speth

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