How to choose hosting and why I chose Siteground

By |March 9th, 2014|

Hosting is the one thing that can make or break your website. Hosting is the link between your content and your readers, and it needs to be solid as a rock. Before I explain my own hosting choices, let’s look at some of the most important attributes and features of a hosting company and the questions you need to ask.
C’mon. We all know this is important to everyone. If you’re an SME, you can afford world class dedicated hosting, and this article is not for you, but individuals, solopreneurs and very small businesses are always running on a budget, and so they are looking for the best value hosting they can find. This is shared hosting of course, but it doesn’t have to be rubbish at all. The range of prices you will pay for shared hosting is enormous, anywhere from $3-$50 a month. Finding that sweet spot between […]

Image size, resolution and resizing images for the web

By |December 13th, 2013|

This is a simple yet ridiculously complex topic (yes I realise that’s a contradiction, but it’s nonetheless true), and one where there is an awful lot of misinformation floating around. Even from professionals (actually, a lot from professionals). But it is an area where a lot of non-imaging professionals have need of a different perspective and some foundational skills when it comes to resizing digital images for various purposes. So, this is my attempt to counteract some of the misinformation out there. Huge caveat here: My main field of knowledge is in photography. I have been fiddling with cameras my whole life, and have taught photography and digital imaging at local colleges for the last five years, and I feel like I have a  reasonably authoritative voice on the topic. I also make WordPress websites. While I can read and write HMTL and CSS, I am more a designer […]

my dream photography kit 2013

By |May 29th, 2013|

I originally posted this on my other site, but thought a good old cross post wouldn’t hurt at all :)

Imagination is key for creatives, and I like to think I have my share. So I thought I would shed some of it working up my dream photography kit. In this particular fantasy, money is no object. The goal is simply to put together a digital slr photography kit based on my own needs and interest that would have me drooling with joy. This of course would be my dream kit, not yours. I’m not going to go into medium format or anywhere else, just 35mm digital slr.  And I’m not simply just buying the most expensive gear out there (though it’s certainly not the cheapest); this would be the gear I would like to buy personally.
Let’s start with cameras. I’m not going to be too greedy. I am going to […]

Giselle, Colin and John.

By |April 24th, 2013|

How do I get a website?

By |February 27th, 2013|

Photografica – Web design Sunshine Coast
The Internet is a great tool for communication, freedom of speech and democracy (as well as commerce and entertainment of course). On the Internet, everyone is equal (at least in theory) and everyone can have a voice! Getting heard is another issue, but for now, let’s look at how we get our own little patch of turf on the net.
What’s involved in having a website?
There are three main elements in getting a web site up and running. Let’s take them one by one.
Domain Name Registration
The first is a domain name. An example of a domain name would be The first step then, towards a website, is registering a domain name. Fortunately this is very easy. There are many Licensed Registrars that sell domain names. Hosting companies often give away free domain names when you purchase a hosting package. And it can be a […]

High Speed Flash

By |January 30th, 2013|

I started to look into the various possibilities of high speed flash, and what I thought was a relatively simple area of photography quickly expanded and my investigations seemed to find no end. So I thought I should blog my findings here, as I was a bit frustrated about the lack of resources on the subject myself.

So what is high speed flash? Well, it’s one way to make high speed photography. I make the distinction to separate the effects of shutter speed from the effects of flash. Both can freeze motion. What I’m interested in here is the role flash plays in freezing motion, and looking at the various types of equipment that might be used in high speed flash projects. This post may well be updated along the way, as it’s a pretty big topic…

 (all of the shots above taken with speedlights at low power – click to […]

Scout Photo shoot

By |January 26th, 2013|

As a Sunshine Coast photographer, I love doing portraits, and even more so when It’s one of my kids. Here are a bunch of images I took of my beautiful daughter Scout last year in natural light on our balcony. I’ve just been going through my back catalogue and thought they’d make a good photo essay of an awesome young girl!

The Politics of Public Photography

By |January 20th, 2013|

It’s a weird world. It really is. The politics of public photography moves with the times of course, but right now it’s in a radical right wing phase. Over the course of the 30 years I’ve been putting a camera to my eye, the way people generally have responded to the act of photography has changed remarkably. In my teenage years, shooting random stuff on the streets in Sydney, people hardly blinked at me. I used to sit on a bench on a bus street and photograph whatever caught my interest. On private property I occasionally got asked to leave or stop shooting (climbing the Opera House on a Sunday afternoon does come to mind ;)), but generally I could do whatever I wanted and no one seemed to mind. They instinctively realised I was just exercising my hobby.

Fast track 30 years, to the politics of public photography in this the age of Instagram. I was planning to take […]

From the trenches

By |November 30th, 2011|

From my perspective as a photography teacher, I see how aspirational professionals view photography, and I’m a part of how it’s taught. It’s a massively changing industry at the moment which makes it a moving target as far as teaching is concerned, but it keeps us on our toes.

At the end of the educational year, I thought I’d share a few perspectives on some trends I’ve noticed.

Quality: The tricky thing about quality is that it needs a frame of reference. If you’re 18 and you’ve never experienced film or the quality of a medium format image, and you’ve grown up with dodgy Photoshop techniques and jpgs, then how do you evaluate your work in regards quality? I push quality from day one, but I’m beginning to realise quality means very different things to people because of different frames of reference. I need to find a way to standardise everyone’s […]

The Wind and the Sun

By |August 28th, 2011|

I came across this little story watching one of the best episodes of Mad Men I’ve ever seen (Series 4, Episode 8). It impressed me so much I’ve transcribed it, and printed it out and stuck it to my fridge.
Now a blog could be seen in some ways as a virtual fridge, so I’m gonna stick it here as well, since there’s not much activity on here at the moment.

I hope you appreciate the sentiment, and that it’s as much as an epiphany for you as it was for me.

The Wind & The Sun

“Aesop has a fable about the wind and the sun.
The wind and the sun had this competition to see if they could get a traveller’s coat off.
So the wind blows fiercely on him, but the traveller just pulls his coat tighter.
But the sun shines down on him, warmer and warmer, and the traveller just takes it […]