Geoff Powell
Geoff Powell

I started Photografica in 2006 as a vehicle for photographic excellence and it has now grown to also encompass web design.

I’ve been interested in all forms of communication my whole life – it’s just something built in. I was a voracious reader at age 7, started making movies at 13 and bought my first stills camera at 16. Life got in the way of a career in communication for a few decades. But you cannot deny who you are. In my 30s, just as I started having a family, I went back to uni and took a Communication Degree and then a Diploma in Photography, and Photografica was born.

Photografica has always been about the junction point of communication – where images and words and graphics met. So it was with that in mind that as well as shooting portraits and small commercial jobs,  I started building websites; doing the photo shoots, writing the copy, designing the layout, and putting it all together, first by hand in html/css and more recently in WordPress.

My interests are wide and varied. I hate to be put in a box and while I’m not a specialist by nature, I am a meticulous professional. I don’t believe in doing anything unless it’s done well. Since my degree I have also achieved technology, business and teaching qualifications, and as well as working on personal and commercial projects, I teach photography classes both at TAFE and privately.

So if you are looking for an affordable, customer focused, creative photographer with great design, technology and communication skills, the abilities to put it all together, and the commitment to maintain quality, don’t hesitate to call me.  I will shoot anything from portraits to food and real estate, and I specialise in building affordable websites that can be easily updated down the track.

Check out my portfolio and give me a call to discuss your needs. I would be happy to help you clarify and create your communication needs. It’s what I do.

My teaching and tutorial work now takes place under the name of iTeachPhotographers. If you need photography tuition of any kind, visit our site and get in touch!


My Values

A lot of businesses seem to forget that the client is paying for a service and that it’s incumbent on that business to satisfy the client’s wishes. I understand customer service and have a strong ethic to satisfy the client and deliver a quality product for their money.
It’s a cliche but it’s so true. I don’t believe in doing anything if I don’t do it well. My personal sense of professionalism is evident on every job I do, whether it’s a business head shot, a website update, a daycare shoot or a food shoot. My work ethic is second to none.
A photographer or designer is nothing without vision. Good techniques are crucial, but an overarching vision is a higher requirement. I pride myself on seeing the big picture and not getting lost in the technical details. Visual expression is one of the biggest parts of who I am.
Quality work is the qualitative output of professionalism. If you do something well, the work is of a high quality. I dislike mediocrity intensely and constantly strive to produce high quality work. With photography and design work, this is achieved by having a strong ability to focus and paying attention to the small details.
Strongly linked to customer service, this quality is needed for good working relationships. It’s about keeping your word, earning trust, and delivering what you say you will. I try to live by this in both work and personal relationships.

My Qualifications

I undertook my degree at UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) graduating in 2004 with several distinctions.
I gained my Diploma in Photography at Sunshine Coast TAFE with all graded units at distinction level. I was also awarded two Silvers in the 2007 AIPP Queensland Professional Photography Awards, plus a Silver and a Silver with Distinction in the 2007 AIPP Australian Professional Photogrphy Awards
Apart from a lifetime of growing up in and managing other retail businesses, I undertook formal Business Studies while I was undertaking my Diploma of Photography
I am a qualified Trainer and Assessor with 5 years teaching experience at Sunshine Coast TAFE
Back in 1999, when the Internet was young, I undertook a full year Information Technology course, learning how to write html by hand and exploring information technology. Apart from formal qualifications in this field, I have been a constant and inquisitive user of computers and the internet since 1993.